Caring for Creation!

Our World Changer Club at Asheville Christian Academy is kicking-off the new year focused on increasing environmental stewardship in their school and community! This club’s mission is:

“to reduce hunger, promote environmental stewardship, and teach others why we should be good stewards of God’s creation.”

As the group prepares to plant a garden that will provide fresh vegetables to a local after school program, they have been researching the benefits of composting.

This week the club analyzed the contents of two of the cafeteria’s garbage cans to see what students are throwing away that can be recycled, reused, or composted.

They were surprised to see that much of what was going to the landfill could be composted or recycled.

With this knowledge, the club will begin an educational campaign to bring greater awareness to their efforts to reduce hunger and increase creation care as they begin their garden project, create a compost area, and promote recycling throughout the school.


The efforts of this club are having a positive impact! Students are taking action to care for God’s world in greater ways by reducing global hunger and growing awareness about the need to care for God’s creation through environmental stewardship.