Journeys in Sri Lanka 2018

We recently returned from Sri Lanka with a team of students from Asheville Christian Academy. This team participated in ongoing poverty reduction projects which included building two homes, assisting in a community medical clinic, visiting many schools to support nutrition and education programs, visiting a micro business launched by United Christian Fellowship and Serve To LEAD last January, and distributing mosquito nets in a dengue fever prone region.



Serve To LEAD strives to eliminate spiritual, social, and material poverty through education and hands-on humanitarian service that develops young people as serving leaders, and brings hope and healing to vulnerable communities. Along with partners like United Christian Fellowship of Sri Lanka, we engage in worldwide service and education programs that increase compassion, build relationships across cultures, and promote peace through community development.





Students from Asheville Christian Academy got to see first hand the difference that proper toilets, health programs, access to education, and safe housing makes in the life of children and families. We are thankful to all of Serve To LEAD’s supporter who financially give toward these life giving efforts that change the lives of youth in Western North Carolina and around the globe.









Your gifts save lives, bring hope, and restore dignity.