Promoting Peace through Play

“If we are to have true peace in the world we must begin with the children”. -Maria Montessori (attributed to Mahatma Gandhi) 

Our “Girl Power” World Changer Club is in the process of building a playhouse for the children at Steadfast House here in Asheville. The girls were inspired by the story of a 9 year old Washington girl who began building micro, mobile housing for the homeless in her area. Her ingenuity and spirit of generosity gave the girls the idea to build a playhouse for the children living at Steadfast House, a local transitional home for women and children.

The girls began their relationship with Steadfast House last year after learning of the many global issues that directly affect women and children. They choose Steadfast House as their local partner, and began designing an outdoor play area at the home to promote peace and creative play for displaced children struggling within challenging circumstances.

The girls have experienced their own personal growth throughout their service work, sharing stories of sadness and joy; loss and reconciliation. As they have learned of the challenges girls face world-wide with gender equality, access to education, and personal empowerment, they have gained a greater appreciation for the opportunities they have to get an education, be a leader and affect positive world change.