Serving in Sri Lanka: Post 1

Hunger reduction in Sri Lanka!

World wide hunger is a major global issue! During our time in Sri Lanka we worked with United Christian Fellowship in their ongoing work to improve the lives of children struggling with inadequate nutrition. For many of these children, their families work as day laborers in the tea plantations and as local fishermen.

While they work very hard they are unable to earn enough to provide their families with daily meals and other necessities. We were told by one of the UCF leaders,

“Many families must make the heart breaking decision to feed their children on different days of the week with some eating on Monday, some on Wednesday, some on Saturday…”

Reverend Ranjan Fernando, Executive Director of UCF works throughout Sri Lanka providing housing, food, healthcare and education for the countries poorest children and families. With support from partner organizations, UCF distributes food from Feed the Hunger to schools and communities, increasing the health and well being of the children and parents.

One feeding program that we visited has been receiving help from UCF for one year. The children were under nourished and not performing well in school due to malnutrition. Now, one year later, the children are thriving and energetic thanks to regular, nutritious meals.

Our World Changer Clubs and Elevate Life Ministry work to reduce world wide hunger by providing funding for food programs in Haiti, Dominican Republic and Sri Lanka. Locally our clubs secure healthy fruit, veggie and protein snacks for the Youthful Hand after school program at Lee Walker Heights and serve as cook teams for Steadfast House, a transitional home for women and children.

Increasing good nutrition for children helps them  perform better in school, reduces physical and cognitive issues and helps children grow properly and thrive.

As we saw in Sri Lanka, supporting nutrition programs in schools and communities gives children and families needed strength to pursue business and educational opportunities that are key to eliminating global poverty!

Contact Serve to Lead and find out how you can be a part of world change and help students have healthy, daily meals.