The Ground Beneath Us

Changed Foundation = Changed Life!

I don’t usually find myself thinking about the flooring in my home. I wake up and step onto carpet. I move throughout the house stepping on hard wood, tile and linoleum. I don’t often think about how the ground beneath my feet affects my life. But the floor of a home does matter.

For families living in homes with dirt floors the ground beneath them contributes to an increased risk of disease, impaired cognitive development in children, an increased risk of infant mortality and decreased mental health.

We work to change this!

This summer we will travel back to the Dominican Republic to partner with families in need to build homes that improve quality of life, restore dignity and elevate the lives of the homeowners.

Something as simple as replacing a dirt floor with concrete can make a positive impact!

According to a World Bank study, covering dirt floors with concrete leads to a 78% reduction in parasitic infestations, 49% reduction in diarrhea, 81% reduction in anemia and a 36% to 96% improvement in cognitive development in children.

In a world where over 1600 children die each day from diarrhea related causes we know that better housing, clean water, and health and hygiene programs can put children and families on a path to success. You can be a part of this world changing work!

Donate to Serve to Lead and give the gift of housing, education and training and help us elevate the lives of the poor in Asheville and across the globe.

Angel and his family of 5 shared this one bed in his dirt floor home. Family members would take turns sleeping on the bed and the floor contributing to health problems.

Angel’s life has changed in positive ways in his new home. With concrete flooring, stable walls and a steel roof the health and safety of he and his family has greatly improved. Angel’s new home has restored his dignity and he wants to share this life changing gift with others. He helps our teams and new home owners regularly participating in new home builds, community improvement projects and provides leadership in the work.