Be a World Changer in Your Community and Across the Globe


Give your time to help a child excel in school!

We need homework helpers and enrichment activity leaders for the Youthful HAND after-school program in the Hillcrest community. Volunteers are welcome any day from 2:30 -5:00, Monday – Friday. Volunteers age 12 and older are welcome.

Contact Jessica Tripp for more information and to schedule an orientation meeting.

Join an International Service Exchange Team!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all international student teams are postponed until further notice.

Haiti: This team is open to active participants in our World Changer Clubs and Serve To LEAD partners. Participants will serve in construction and water projects. We will also work with our partner community’s sewing program making washable sanitary pads and baby diapers, and visit local church communities associated with Light & Peace to participate in community and school programs.

Dominican Republic: This team is open to active participants in our World Changer Clubs and Serve To LEAD partners. Team members will serve alongside Serve To LEAD USA – DR and will assist in the construction of new homes, build in-home bathrooms, support education camps and sports programs, participate in environmental stewardship efforts, and assist medical professionals in health programs. Team members will also participate in a women’s empowerment and self defense program.

Sri Lanka: This team is open to active participants in our World Changer Clubs and Serve To LEAD partners. This team will serve alongside our partners (United Christian Fellowship of Sri Lanka) to install toilets in communities lacking access to clean water and sanitation, assist in home builds, and participate in youth peace building programs. This team will also assist with medical and nutrition programs and visit women’s empowerment programs.

No refunds will be given to international team members who withdraw from a team within 90 days of that team’s departure. Partial refunds will be considered for health and emergency reasons with proper documentation.

Check out our Elevate Life opportunities, purpose a trip, become a project companion, and help us meet the Global Goals. Contact Serve To LEAD to find out how.

International Service Exchange Information:

Who may participate?  Young people who are active participants in our World Changer Clubs and Serve To LEAD partners. Youth under the age of 15 must travel with a parent or legal guardian.

What will I do? Serve To LEAD works in cooperation with in-country partners and on-going community programs to assist in efforts to address spiritual, social, and material issues associate with poverty.

Where will I stay? Serve TO LEAD works with our in-country partners to provide safe and comfortable housing for our service teams. Specific information regarding where a team is staying will be provided to all team members, with a complete travel itinerary when team members register for a trip.

Will I need vaccinations to travel? Yes. Each country that we visit will have certain vaccines that are recommended or required. Please check the CDC web site and talk to your doctor.

Will I need a passport? Yes. You must have a valid passport and it must not expire within 180 days of travel. If you don’t already have a passport and plan to join a team- APPLY NOW! If you have a passport, check the expiration date.

What is expected of me as a team member?
To pay all of your fees on time.
Turn in all of your paperwork on time.
Attend all team meetings.
Participate in any team project fund raisers.

Establishing sewing program in Sri Lanka
Youth Leadership Camp in Dominican Republic