World Changer Spotlight

Interviewing Lillian Bowers, the 10 year old founder of the More than Floors Club.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Lillian Bowers and I am 10 years old. I am in 4th grade at Invest Collegiate Imagine.

What is the purpose of the More than Floors Club:

The More Than Floors Club serves to improve health and quality of life in global communities by installing concrete floors in homes with dirt floors. In addition to this we provide services in our local community that enhance the over all well-being of others.

Does the More than Floors Club have a mission statement?

Yes, Working with communities in poverty, to make concrete changes, that will improve lives, from the ground up.

How did the More than Floors Club come about?

During one of my world changer club meetings, I learned that by replacing dirt floors with cement floors, it greatly improves the health of young children. I learned a lot of scary facts about what happens to people living on dirt floors. The parasites they can get; which can then cause diarrhea; which approximately 1600 children die a day from diarrhea related illnesses. How dirt floors can cause depression in children and adults; which can make it hard for children to learn or do normal activities. I learned that putting in concrete floors can really make a difference in the family’s life!

You mentioned that the More than Floors Club also serves the local community. What do you do?

We plan to serve at Manna, Greenworks, Brother Wolf and the Steadfast House to list a few. We also want to go into the Lee Walker Heights community and paint math equations on the walkways around the community center to increase fluency in multiplication, and be reading buddies for the younger children in their after school program.

Lillian and friends will be kicking off their fund raising efforts on Halloween as they Trick-or-Treat to end poverty. With their WE SCARE POVERTY campaign, the More Than Floors club will be talking with people about their efforts to raise $750.00 to install a concrete floor in a home in the Dominican Republic next summer. If they come by your house on Halloween please support their work!