World Changers Promote Peace!

The Girl Power World Changer Club at Isaac Dickson Elementary takes action!

The Girl Power World Changer Club at Isaac Dickson Elementary cares about the needs of families in crisis. After learning about many global challenges, the girls took action to partner with Steadfast House in Asheville to create an outdoor peace garden.

The mission of this space is to give the children living at Steadfast House a beautiful, peaceful place to gather. The girls know that peace is disrupted when families find themselves in crisis. Steadfast House is a safe haven for homeless women and children.

The members of the Girl Power Club are currently designing their project with Steadfast House. To prepare, they met with director Tiffany Tobe, took a tour of the property and delivered “Peace Pillows” that they made for the children and food that they collected in the Isaac Dickson neighborhood.

Come to Our Car Wash Fundraiser on May 21st!

The girls will lead a fundraiser at Isaac Dickson (get directions here) on Thursday, May 21st to support their efforts for Steadfast House. They will be washing cars, cleaning car windows and vacuuming car interiors. Come out and support these 3rd – 5th grade girls and their peace garden from 3:30 – 5:00.

All Funds Go to The Peace Garden

All of the money raised will be used to purchase items needed for the peace garden, which the girl’s named “Have Fun Here”. Their fundraising goal is $300. Contact Serve to Lead if you would like to help or come out to Isaac Dickson on Thursday, May 21st and have your car washed and cleaned for a great cause!