Are you a World Changer?

Greetings Heart of the Cross friends,

Have you ever wondered what makes someone a world changer? 

I was in a local school recently talking with staff about our World Changer Clubs. Someone said to me, “That’s a big name to live up to!”

At face value maybe it seems that way. However, we are all world changers. The reality is by our mere existence we are changing the world everyday. Our words, actions, and inaction have an impact. Often times that impact is more far reaching than we even recognize.

Each of us are world changers. The question isn’t are we changing the world. The question is how are we changing the world?

We are making world change daily! In our homes, schools, offices, and greater community. 

How do you want to change the world? What kind of impact do you hope your life is making on the world; your family, friends, and community?

In our World Changer Clubs our students gain greater awareness of themselves and issues facing our world. Global issues like hunger, accessible water, and access to education for girls to name a few. They consider how these things happen and why.

We discuss what it takes to impact these global challenges in a positive way.

We talk about the motivation of our hearts. How should we respond? What does it mean to truly love our neighbor? What does it mean to love our enemy? How do we seek reconciliation in troubled times? What are the practices and daily habits we should incorporate into our lives to serve and love our neighbors well.

As you can imagine, these conversations guide how our students craft their action plans to respond to needs in our local and global community. These conversations also shine a light on the hearts, thoughts, and motives of each of our students asking them to consider each day how they are choosing to change the world.

Help us continue this work of developing young people into true servant leaders who give back to the world as they discipline their own heart, head, hands, and daily habits. We create pathways and build bridges to help move young people from where they are toward who God is calling them to be.

You can help us by volunteering your time with one of our World Changer or Girl Power Clubs, joining a short-term service team, praying for our work, and giving your financial support to our ongoing efforts to empower youth as servant leaders who work to reduce global poverty! Check out to find out more!

Peace & Love,