Global change makers!

We give thanks to all of our World Changer Club students and families that support our efforts to increase awareness of global issues and turn that knowledge into action through thoughtful service that reduces global poverty.

Members of our Asheville High World Changer club joined us and our global partners United Christian Fellowship in Sri Lanka recently. While we were there we were honored to participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony on a new home that was sponsored by one of our World Changer Club students and her family. The mother and her two year old son who received the home wanted to show their deep appreciation by inviting Melissa to cut the ribbon on the home she helped to provide.

The mother, Nilanthi, came to church the next Sunday praising God for the gift of a safe and secure home.

In addition to this, the team and our supporters helped us provide school supplies for 250 students, repairs on two homes, eye glasses for 300, and medical care for 350. We also launched a new sewing program that will generate income for families and will train women in the community to make and distribute washable sanitary pads.




Love, Equity, Altruism, and Dignity in action!