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Taking action to reach the goals!

Serve To LEAD is taking action to reach the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our core programs include:

Workforce Development: We employ youth from low-income communities and provide them with financial literacy classes, resume building workshops, and experiences that help them expand social networks and gain career clarity.

Quality Education: Along with partners Youthful HAND, we provide after-school programming that advances reading, math and social skills for children ages 5 – 11.

Leadership and Service Clubs: Serve To LEAD clubs meet in local high schools, engaging youth in ethical leadership development, global education, and service projects in our local and global community.

Global Development: Serve To LEAD works to provide clean water and sanitation, proper housing, nutrition and healthcare, education and employment for low-income communities in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Sri Lanka.

Guided by our core values of Love, Equity, Altruism, and Dignity, we are transforming people and the planet as we live out our mission to address personal, social and material poverty through education and community development in our local and global community. 

Graphics borrowed from The Global Goals for Sustainable Development by the UN. Click here to learn more about how Serve to Lead addresses these global goals.

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World Changer Club member

This experience has not only opened my eyes but opened my heart. I have never felt God's love so strong. My time spent in service to others has allowed me to see and feel what God's love really looks like.


World Changer Club member

Throughout the time I was in the Dominican Republic I grew inspired by the unique and generous people that surrounded us day to day. I went to help others but in reality they helped me grow as an individual.


World Changer Club member

Through Serve To LEAD I realized that it’s so important to empower people, to walk with them, and to help everyone create positive change and believe in themselves.


World Changer Club member

I have gained an appreciation for everyday things that I had always taken for granted. Through this experience I have made many new friends and gained a new perspective.

5th grader

World Changer Club member

I know what it’s like to be homeless, to live in cars and hotels and know how much it hurts. I am happy that I can serve others and do something good for children who are facing the same things I have.

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