Keeping girls in school ELEVATES LIFE!

Partner with us to restore dignity and bright futures for girls!

Every girl should have the opportunity to go to school and fully participate in the life of their community. Sadly, millions of girls are denied this right and stripped of their dignity every month because they do not have much needed feminine hygiene products.

In March we worked with young people at the Kaoma WISE Trust in Zambia teaching them how to make washable sanitary pads. This will benefit many girls and give them the opportunity to stay in school.

Many girls miss as many as two months of school a year because they do not have feminine hygiene products. In an attempt to carry on, many girls will use corn husks, saw dust, paper, leaves and other items that lead to infection and illness. When disposable products are available girls will borrow money to purchase them, creating greater debt for themselves, or they will make the choice between buying hygiene products, food, medicine or meeting other needs.

Partner with us to keep girls in school, restore health and personal dignity through our Washable Sanitary Pads Project. Host a gathering of your friends, fellow classmates, club or study group to provide hands-on-service and learn more about this need.