We Have a Story to Tell

Our 2015 Dominican Republic Mission Team has returned home to the US. We have so many stories to share about our nine day mission but will begin with one story of faith, family and new beginnings.

Meet the de Los Santos family…

Our team partnered with two families on new home builds. The de Los Santos family, pictured above, is hard working and lives in a small village in the Dominican Republic with their extended family. Unable to acquire the resources to build a stable home, the family lived in a stick and scavenged metal/cardboard house with a dirt floor.

When we arrived in the village to begin the build, the entire village was ready to begin. Hauling concrete bags, water, sand, rock, cinder blocks and rebar, young and old alike celebrated this new beginning, helping in any way possible to construct a new, safe and healthy home.

While we all worked together mixing concrete and laying block, part of the original home remained in the middle of the new construction, offering wind protection to the pot of rice and beans that Mrs. de Los Santos kept cooking to feed the village and our team lunch each day. Finally the time came for the original structure to be removed and the interior walls to go up.

By the end of our time in the DR, the walls of the home were about half way finished. We can’t wait to see the home completed by the end of the summer as the villagers and other teams continue the work. Being able to be a part of seeing someone’s dream become a reality is humbling and inspiring. For families that scavenge for materials to house themselves, having a solid, concrete home restores dignity, gives hope, and creates opportunity as better health and greater peace fill the new home. Heart of the Cross is thankful to all who help dreams like these become realities.