Celebrating 2022!

We have so much to celebrate from 2022!

45 children living in Asheville’s public housing participated in after-school and summer programming five days a week throughout the year. According to our literacy and math specialists, 100% of these K – 5th-grade students demonstrated measurable improvements in math competencies and reading skills. What a fantastic accomplishment for the children and all their supporters!

21 young people in the Asheville area and 23 in the Dominican Republic joined our workforce readiness program. This employment opportunity provides emotional support, financial literacy and resume-building workshops, leadership training, and life-skills development for vulnerable populations. 

143 households in the Dominican Republic now have in-home bathrooms! After a lifetime of suffering, these families are overjoyed to have a toilet and shower. As one mother told us, “I’ve lived here since 1974. Rain or no rain, we have to go to the fields for our basic needs. It’s humiliating seeing this life for your children and grandchildren. No toilets. No place to bathe. Everyone has forgotten us.” However, this mother now rejoices in having a bathroom in her home for the first time in her life!

Countless families in Haiti and Sri Lanka benefited from our humanitarian aid programs, receiving food, medicine, and other necessities amid these countries’ ongoing crises and violence. For the families that we serve, this aid is a lifeline. 

Thank you to all of our supporters who join us in our work to mitigate the burden of poverty by bringing opportunity, employment, health, and renewal to communities working hard to provide for themselves and their families. We sincerely appreciate you!