Our Global Leadership Academy is a 4-6 week leadership development program led by Serve to LEAD, hosted in the United States and in our partner communities abroad.

The program is designed to provide high school and college age students with an opportunity to use their skills and interests to reduce global poverty in a tangible way.

This program expands awareness of global issues and partners students with leaders, professionals and mentors in the field of global development. Through this hands-on experience, students explore the host country and advance their knowledge of international relief and development.

Internships involve student led initiatives on a specific global theme and general exposure to international relief and development.

Students who participate in this program grow as global citizens, servant leaders and gain:

  • cultural exchange that informs and broadens participant’s worldview
  • daily training in servant-leadership principles, team-building, project management, and teaching and learning in a cross-cultural context
  • relationships with people from other countries and cultures, working together to address urgent global issues
  • participation in daily life in the local villages
  • meeting with community leaders to make an assessment of community needs
  • work in partnership with community leaders to increase capacity for sustainable development
  • general exposure to relief and development scenarios
  • valuable life experience


For more information about this opportunity and to apply to be a Global Leadership Academy participant contact Serve to Lead.