Ukraine to Asheville

Please meet Ana…

“A year ago, I moved to America because of the war in Ukraine. I joined Serve To LEAD’s Workforce Development program this past school year and summer. It was a great experience because I needed to learn more English, and it helped me know it better. It also made it easier for me to communicate, and I became more confident in speaking. 

This job also helped me financially, as there are three children in my family besides me, and I wanted to help my parents somehow. I also really loved helping teach the alphabet and numbers to the youngest children in the Youthful HAND program to prepare them for school. I applied all the lessons we learned in our trainings from Serve To LEAD so that the children could do well. My team with whom I worked was so friendly, and it was always nice to spend time with them. I appreciate this experience and finding a family with Serve To LEAD.”

Ana is among many young people finding belonging, healing, and opportunity with Serve To LEAD. We are committed to living our mission to address poverty’s personal, social, and material burdens so that individuals and communities can flourish and thrive.

In 2023 alone, Serve To LEAD has funded 65 W.A.S.H. (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) projects in two countries, impacting thousands of people needing these essential services. We’ve provided education and skills development programs, mental health, and material support to 127 children and youth in the Asheville area and expanded mental health care to their parents and caregivers. Serve To LEAD, alongside our global partners continue providing food, medicine, education, trauma care, and other necessities to thousands in Haiti and Sri Lanka as they experience protracted conflict and crisis.

We have heard countless times, “I never imagined this change would come.” Workforce skills training, a steady income, trauma recovery, clean water, a secure and hygienic toilet, a safe place to shower, regular meals, and success in school—with your help, these changes are happening, and communities are rejoicing with renewed hope. 

Please give today and know that 100% of your gift goes directly to Serve To LEAD projects and programs. Dedicated private donors cover all of Serve To LEAD’s operating costs. Join us and know that 100% of your gifts fully benefit the communities we serve in Asheville and around the globe.

Thank you for your compassion and for joining us in restoring hope and bringing healing to communities near and far. Your generosity makes this work possible.