Increase Servant Leadership = Decrease Global Poverty!

The heart of Serve To LEAD is global restoration as demonstrated in the life and love of Jesus Christ. Our LEAD Core Values of Love, Equity, Altruism, and Dignity guide us in our approach to transformational development that heals and restores people and the planet.

Our approach is simple. We bring young people together around a common vision to invest their lives in creating a more just and caring world for ALL people. Students in our clubs learn about global issues, how these problems are being addressed in our local and global community, and then they take action to make an intentional, positive contribution to the world community.

Our World Changers have raised money to build houses, led playground enhancement projects, built community gardens to feed the hungry, led environmental stewardship initiatives, taught children’s enrichment programs, worked with women on health and hygiene projects, and so much more. Our World Changers are LOVE IN ACTION!


Servant Leaders Change the World for Good!

Become a Servant Leader!

Becoming a servant-leader through Serve To LEAD will help you develop:

  • Responsibility, positive thinking, and team building skills
  • An appreciation for the talents and work of others
  • Skills in communication, collaboration, and delegation
  • Increased sensitivity to the needs of others
  • Cross-cultural interaction skills
  • An ability to work through challenges with a resilient and growing mind-set
  • Stronger self-esteem and personal growth
  • A solid moral foundation for ethical decision making
  • Real-world experience that strengthens diplomacy and problem solving skills

Join the movement and be a part of positive world change!

Through Serve to LEAD World Changer Clubs, Elevate LifeLocal and International service initiatives, camps and retreats you will grow your awareness of global challenges and take action to create positive world change!