Elinor Earle

Elinor Earle has directed Youthful HAND, an after-school program in Asheville, NC housing projects for over 25 years. She works tirelessly, devoting her energies to raising achievement levels of elementary-age BIPOC children. Respected across the generations, “Ms. Earle” uses her emphatic mothering and teaching talents to mold and encourage “her kids.” She spends her days in local schools advocating for underserved youth. She is no-nonsense and has only the highest expectations for her children. She expects them to achieve academically through vigorous practice and dedication and expects them to use their best manners. She supports them in homework completion, reviews essential skills necessary for classroom success, and mentors them by discussing their behavioral choices in and out of school. She takes every opportunity to expose her kids to artistic/cultural events and expand their worldview through experiential learning.

In addition to her work with young people, Elinor Earle volunteers tirelessly every election to get out the vote and increase awareness of the political process. A beloved community member, Ms. Earle has mentored and inspired across generations. Together, Youthful HAND and Serve To LEAD work to advance the lives of vulnerable children, youth, and families in Asheville.

Ambiorix Castillo Cina

Ambiorix Castillo Cina serves as President of Serve To LEAD Dominican Republic. He is a well-respected community leader, raised in Montellano, Puerto Plata, DR. Ambiorix is passionate about sustainable development and helping his community rise up. Ambiorix has been at the forefront of the Serve To LEAD DR community school program. This learning center provides schooling for vulnerable children who do not have access to schools during the global pandemic. Ambiorix organizes STLDR’s community programs in the village of Saman, providing management to infrastructure projects and business advice to STL’s income-generating initiatives.

Ambiorix is a 2019 graduate of Universidad Tecnologica de Santiago, where he studied law. His current law practice focuses on helping Haitian-Dominican community members gain their citizenship papers.

Marc Evens Nicoleau

Marc Evens Nicoleau serves as Vice President of Serve To LEAD Dominican Republic. Marc leads Serve To LEAD’s development projects in the Haitian Batey of Pancho Mateo in Montellano, Puerto Plata, DR, where he has lived since the age of three after immigrating from Haiti.

Marc is a Baccalaureate graduate from the Maria Teresa de Calcutta High School. He studied English at Creation English and has lengthy experience as a trained community health worker with Health Horizons International. Marc is a visionary with a passion for educating his community on global health while leading projects that improve vital infrastructure. Since the age of twelve, Marc has dedicated his life to helping others.

Tamara Isidore

Tamara Isidore is a native of Haiti. She is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. She serves as president of New Earth Christian Ministries, Serve To LEAD’s Haiti partner. Tamara has been a member of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church since 1991. She has served five churches in the Tampa Bay area since 1995. Currently, she serves as senior pastor of Faith United Methodist Church in Bradenton, Florida. Among her many accomplishments, Tamara served as President of the United Methodist conference Haitian Committee on Ministry, Vice-President of the Haiti-Florida Covenant, and as a Justice for Our Neighbors host for seven years. She is a member of the Haitian League of Pastors of Tampa Bay, a member of the Gulf Central Leadership Council, and a member of the South Central District Board of Ordained Ministries.

Tamara is a graduate of Elim Bible Institute and College in New York. She obtained a Degree in Applied Science in Biblical and Theological Studies and a Minor in Christian Education in 1983. Tamara became licensed to teach by the Evangelical Teacher Training Association in 1984 in New York State. In 2011, she received a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary.

Tamara is married to Jean-Robert Isidore, her high school sweetheart. They have seven children and six grandchildren. She feels blessed beyond measure to share the love of God with all people through the ministry of presence and service.

Dr. Rev. Ranjan Fernando

Ranjan serves as the founder and president of the United Christian Fellowship of Sri Lanka (UCFSL). UCFSL is an interdenominational ministry committed to expressing God’s love through church development, education, and humanitarian action to aid thousands across the country. In addition to leading UCFSL, Ranjan serves as the Founder Chairman of The Fuller Center for Housing in Sri Lanka. Working alongside Millard Fuller, the founder of Habitat for Humanity, Ranjan and Millard established The Fuller Center in 2006 to provide affordable housing to low-income earners.

Ranjan received his education from many institutions, including Bangarapath Bible College in Bangalore, India. His studies stirred a sense of urgency within his heart to work for peace in the world. He works towards the unity of the Christian church across denominations and alongside Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim leaders to build relationships and bring aid to vulnerable communities, including tea and rubber plantation laborers. UCFSL and Serve To LEAD work in partnership through community development to address the spiritual, social, and material dimensions of poverty.

Ranjan and his wife Agnes have two adult children and one grandchild. Their son lives in Cary, NC.