Servant-leadership is characterized by the desire to serve and empower the people around you.

An essential principle of servant-leadership is stewardship. This principle promotes an active responsibility toward our world community expressed in the care of what is entrusted to humankind; the whole of creation. This worldview equips our servant-leaders to address spiritual, social, and material poverty in our local and global community.

Holding firm to our LEAD Core Values of Love, Equity, Altruism, and Dignity, our servant-leaders work in collaborative partnerships to create a more just and caring world.

Servant-Leaders develop:

  • Responsibility, positive thinking, and team building skills
  • An appreciation for the talents and work of others
  • Skills in communication, collaboration, and delegation
  • Increased sensitivity to the needs of others
  • Cross-cultural interaction skills
  • An ability to work through challenges with a resilient and growing mind-set
  • Stronger self-esteem and personal growth
  • A solid moral foundation for ethical decision making
  • Real-world experience that strengthens diplomacy and problem solving skills

Serve To LEAD facilitates the development of servant-leaders through World Changer Clubs, Elevate Life initiatives and Local & International Service Opportunities.