The Serve to Lead Team

The Serve to LEAD team shares a common vision for the transformational development of young people and communities. We are passionate about living our love for God and neighbor through our programs that develop heart and mind, shape world-view, build community, and engage worldwide to address critical global issues.

We are a team of educators, creators, community developers, business people, activists, and philanthropists who believe that demonstrating God’s love for all of creation through meaningful education and service across cultures brings people together and promotes our core values of Love, Equity, Altruism, and Dignity. We believe that only by addressing global poverty in a holistic way: spiritually, socially, and materially, can we truly create sustainable world change  and meet the global goals.

Meet our Executive Director

Our Executive Director, Jessica Tripp, brings over twenty years of experience working with young people in education and missions. She spent fifteen of those years serving the United Methodist Church in roles of Christian Education and Missions leadership.

She has a passion for teaching young people that everyone has inherent worth and all people have unique gifts to be shared for the well being of all. Jessica enjoys teaching using a variety of mediums and adventure-filled experiential learning. She brings young people of disparate socio-economic backgrounds together to work on service projects locally and internationally creating a shared experience for the common good.

Jessica has lengthy experience in domestic and international mission work in the Eastern United States, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, East Africa, South and Central America, Sri Lanka, and Ukraine. She holds a BA in Religion with an emphasis in Christian Education from LaGrange College.

Jessica is pursuing a MA in Global Leadership through Fuller Theological Seminary- School of Intercultural Studies. She also serves as adjunct faculty in the upper school at Asheville Christian Academy teaching the course Global Issues and the Gospels.

Meet our Board

Jim Bowers, Chair person

Lesli Hollowell, Secretary

Debbie Olander, Treasurer 

Brad D. Burlingham

Shelley Davis

Blake Wagner

Daniel Stewart

Karen Walter

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